Jennifer’s professional journey reflects her drive and adaptability. After a successful career in banking, she decided to enter the real estate industry in 2020, marking a significant transition in her career path. In 2021, Jennifer became a dedicated member of the Modern Lending team, where she began her journey as a Loan Analyst.

Jennifer’s commitment, strong work ethic, and dedication to her role at Modern Lending quickly propelled her to a leadership position within her field. Her ability to excel and take on a leadership role within a relatively short period is a testament to her skills and contributions to the team.

Within Modern Lending, Jennifer’s role involves collaborating with the team to pre-qualify borrowers, manage loan disclosures, and stay well-informed about the latest loan programs. Her continuous growth in the company is highlighted by her achievement of obtaining a license as a loan officer, demonstrating her commitment to professional development and success in the mortgage industry.

Outside of the office, Jennifer enjoys the great outdoors, particularly hiking, which allows her to connect with nature and find serenity. She also explores her creative side through pottery, a form of self-expression and artistry that provides a fulfilling and relaxing outlet. Jennifer’s multifaceted talents, work ethic, and passion for her work make her a valuable asset to the Modern Lending team.