Brian Decker has established a prominent career in the mortgage industry, amassing nearly 15 years of experience. His exceptional achievements set him apart, with a remarkable finish in the Top 12 Loan Officers in the United States, out of a pool of over 500,000 loan officers, for successfully closed mortgage loans. His unwavering commitment to a transparent and ethical lending process has solidified his position as one of the Top 10 Influential Mortgage Professionals in the United States, recognizing the significant impact he has made on the mortgage industry.

Brian’s connection to the Temecula Valley dates back to 1991, and he has witnessed the dramatic growth of the San Diego to Corona region over the years. He considers himself fortunate to have the privilege of raising his own family in this area, and his local roots mean he closely follows and understands the dynamics of the local real estate markets.

A core value for Brian is providing his clients with the best loan programs at the most competitive rates. He recognizes that a real estate transaction is one of the most significant financial decisions one can make, and his dedication is evident in his commitment to “BUILDING LIFETIME RELATIONSHIPS ONE CLOSED LOAN AT A TIME.” This motto reflects his focus on fostering enduring connections with his clients, built on trust and excellent service.